August 2015 *Gyarados Battle* Red Gyarados Medal

Originally posted by megacon94 at August 2015 *Gyarados Battle* Red Gyarados Medal
Hey guys! Its been awhile, and ive been slowly building on my Gyarados and Magikarp collection (update picture thread coming soon). TCG-wise, its going well, but now im on the lookout for a specific piece of Gyarados merch. As the title suggests, im looking for more details on the Red Gyarados medal given out to the top contestants during the Gyarados Battle on Aug 22-23, 2015. I believe one was sold on Y!J awhile ago, but i havent seen any pictures or theoretical price ranges for it. If anyone has seen, owns, or knows more about them, all help is appreciated. Thank you guys, again!

Tamamushi University Magikarp event and Gen 1 distribution

Hey, guys! I'm looking to know if anyone knows someone that mightve been at the Tamamushi University Hyper Test event or personally knows of such info. Most people don't know that there was also an event given out for the Gen 1 games that distributed a Magikarp with Dragon Rage, just like the famous card. I'm just looking for info of those who mightve attended so I can get the specifics on the event and hopefully get into contact with said individuals for more details on the distributed Magikarp. Im aware of all the basic and obvious info from bulbapedia and what not. Im mainly looking for info on the Gen 1 magikarp game event that went along with the famous UniKarp card distribution and people who mightve attended the tournament, using leads such as the merchandise sold at the event, itself. If anyone knows of people that have such items like the one shown below or specific information, please let me know! I know ive seen posts about the old merchandise before, meaning the owners likely attended the event. Thanks again for the help, as always!

Rare figures

Hey guys, me again! Just wanna say thanks for all the help I consistently get with all my inquiries haha. Thanks to alot of your help, my main collections are almost done! Only a few more shiny kids and hasbros. But Once again, I wanted to know as much information as possible about the rarest and most unique pokemon figures, whether it be tomys, hasbro, shinies, what have you. I wanna hear about all you guys' personal favorites and grails, or even figures that you've only heard through rumors. All info and discussions are appreciated!